Episode 19 – Whoooo Dark Lord Day!!! Part 1

Jim’s daughter makes an expletive laden cameo before the boys spend some time remembering Prince, Chyna, Lonnie Mack, Dorris Roberts and Michelle McNamara before giving a little preview for Dark Lord Day then jump into a discussion of the second season of Daredevil, touch briefly on social media and dish out some epic Sarge of the Week contenders before the show goes off the rails.

Episode 18: What Happened in Guatemahala?

Jim’s BBQ welcomes Jeff Mader, former keyboardist of Winger and former host of Purple Cast, to talk about his trip to China and gets really excited about a chicken pot pie. The boys transition into talking about Rogue One, Mike has a bloody encounter at Wegman’s, Dylan goes to too many concerts and Mike also helps out at a beer event and faces some difficulties and some weirdos,

Episode 15: I’ve Met Chris Hansen

Jim’s BBQ welcomes Mike’s brother, Shaun and fellow Rochestafarian, Theresa, to the pod.  After the crew deals with numerous bathroom “adventures”, they delve into a heavy discussion about Fuller House and learn that Dylan has met Chris Hansen before…

Episode 14: The Secret of Dylan’s Ooze

After a brief hiatus, Jim’s BBQ reopens for business.  Mike and Dylan announce a cool trip, Dylan experiences some hostility at the Canadian border and sees something he can never unsee, the boys discuss what their favorite movie trilogies are, Mike’s dad finds a new side of Netflix and finally Dylan’s anger is addressed.

Episode 13: Anti-Edelstonese

Dylan and Mike go to concerts and both encounter a number of hurdles and weirdos, including beer stories good and bad before the three delve into a discussion about Deadpool and Jim’s intense dislike of the X-Men movies.

(Fun Fact: Listen to Mike screw up the drummer from Sabbath!)

Episode 12: What happened to Quigley?

Quigley is back but unfortunately disappears about halfway through. Along the way, Jeff gets mistaken for Uncle Jesse, the boys muse on their first live show in Wisconsin, lament the death of Dave Mirra, Maurice White and Axel Rodden, remark on Wes Scantlin and Steve Harwell’s descent into madness, say who their dream podcast intro narrators would be and look back on past Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Episode 11: Quigley’s excellent adventure

Jim’s BBQ welcomes international superstar Jeff Quigley, who relates his story about how he started out as a Kevin Smith fan and wound up collaborating with his idol, culminating in a trip to the Sundance Film Festival with Jim, where we also find out how terrifying it is to be in a car with him. The boys also try pitching some ideas to Jeff, Jim starts juicing and Dylan and Jeff encounter THE LAW.

Episode 7: Live with Ming Chen!

Jim’s BBQ is live at the Fox-Prowl Con in Batavia, New York, featuring very special guest star Ming Chen of AMC’s Comic Book Men!  The boys unlock the mysteries of Ming’s real name, his never-ending quest for food, convention experiences, getting star struck, his history with Amanda Bynes and what exactly he did with Linda Fiorentino’s panties.

Featuring cameos by Larry Hama and Len the Con Goer.

Episode 6: Live from Mike’s house

Jim’s BBQ conducts its first live show in the snowy north that is Rochester, accompanied by two of their better halves.  Dylan gets an unexpected greeting at the airport, the boys go to jail, exotic recording locales are discussed, the importance of wearing your slippers, Mike’s obsession with catamarans, Jim’s inability to pronounce the word wolf and Dylan recants his many hairdos.

Episode 5: Dylan encounters a lot of dicks, Part 2

Mike continues to regale the boys with his cruise experience, covering such topics as an unwanted impromptu comedian, the mystery of cunnilingis, poor plumbing, encountering the smartest creatures in the sea, catamarans and the excellence of Cigar City Brewing.  And Dylan encounters a big dick.

Episode 4: Dylan encounters a lot of dicks, Part 1

Mike returns from his adventures abroad, but getting ready to leave proved to be a little hairy.  During his travels, he and his better half encounter the happiest flight attendant ever, a big fan of Beverly Hills Cop, a creepy cruise director, the strange eating habits of the fellow guests, a couple of man children and a bunch of dicks.

Episode 3: The one with Dylan’s goo

Jim’s BBQ welcomes their first guest host, Old Ass Mutha Fuckin’ Paul Saunders, and explain the saucy origins of their podcast name.  Dylan talks about his goo and dodges attempted murder.  Mike laments the tale of an unclosed bar tab.  Paul finds assistance in a helpful DC security guard.  Jim addresses a questionable situation involving Mary Jane and an MMA match gets very scatological.

Episode 2: The one where Dylan dies

On the specials for this evening at Jim’s BBQ, Mike remarks on the status of his bum knee and gets into a sticky situation later on, Jagr’s mullet makes a return, Jim initiates a scandalous dance at an FYE, Dylan contemplates a quick departure over a newly named music venue after regaling his quarter quell celebration and chew the fat over many other topics.